8 Years Ago, we discovered a secret whilst organizing motorsport events; 'drifting' events are loud, colourful and unpredictable, but the events would draw a crowd and we found that by using social media; we embraced a whole new community of unconverted clients and that started our thinking towards helping ourselves to a more rounded spectator/client and that's why we decided to HELP others in the AUTOMOTIVE market...
SMOKE FACTORY MEDIA was born 3 years later and we are now setting the trend for the automotive market...
We partner with Automotive Market SME businesses to redefine their marketing and communications for and in today’s digital world #digitization

We work with all brands, dealerships and co-create authentic digital solutions for a complex digital landscape.
Our passion has been the motorsport of 'drifting' and we have used our creative imaginations and 20 years events business experience to help other companies achieve their goals, so that there be 'no money left on the table'...!
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Smoke Factory Media lives in a digital reality where technology is rapidly transforming and reshaping automotive business', economies and life itself. Allowing us to connect people and businesses in innovative ways. At Smoke Factory Media, we help automotive businesses embrace digital and reshape the way they communicate and collaborate in today’s digital reality.


(def: characterized by pretentious display; designed to

impress or attract notice)


The SF Crew are always hard at work, designing and creating new and evolved digital product offerings





Today’s massive consumership demands a different approach to marketing and communications. We work with brands to reshape their marketing and communications strategies and operations. To enable them to connect with their clients using innovative digital technologies and online platforms.


We help small to medium enterprises automotive build solid marketing and communications platforms, earing them for future growth.

We co-create their unique brand story and carefully shape their online presence and landscape. We’re experienced working with founders and investors in fast-paced environments.


We love to working with anything automotive and regularly get together to offer clients continuous support for their marketing operations.

We also work with agencies on their client projects.

We are part of their flexible workforce as interim project manager, digital lead or social media managers. Our niche is in the automotive industry which we come from and love!

Inspiring creativity and bringing joy is core to the Smoke Factory experience. Creativity is how we express ourselves, create trends, and come together as an automotive community. We celebrate storytelling, and we've witnessed the positive impact that creativity and storytelling brings to the automotive experience...

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Every month we create a content calendar for your business with quality social media posts. Our content marketer takes the time to research the market your business is in, analyse competition and create content that puts your business at the top of the market. All posts are optimised for the channel on which they are published and meet the latest requirements to stand out on your followers timelines.

When the posts are ready and approved by our internal review process, we send you next months content plan and publishing calendar. Because we plan ahead you can take your time to review the calendar and share your feedback with us. We update and finalise the posts accordingly. This way the messaging is always business accurate and you know what is going to be shared on your social pages.


Do you need more leads and customers for your business? We specialize in turning eyeballs into customers using a variety of online marketing strategies. 

Unlike most social media companies who focus on generic marketing, we specialize in one thing and one thing only – finding you more quality leads and customers. Our approach is unique and different in that we believe in measurable results and high return on investment. Our lead generation campaigns are highly focused, directly measurable, and very profitable

We set up targeted advertising campaigns to generate new leads for your sales team. (leads to business)​ - No additional changes are needed to your company - other than ensuring that you have the infrastructure to cope with a lot more sales leads than you've been getting in the past!


As soon as the posts are approved we take care of publishing. We optimize publishing times and schedule your posts with our publishing tools. We plan a month ahead and schedule 2,3 or 4 posts a week, depending on your service package. The posting schedule meets the latest industry standards to maximise reach for your products/service offered by your business



We invest significant time in the content we produce for our clients each month. We analyze previous results, research markets and make sure content looks professional and meets content requirements. Resulting in A-brand quality content for your business



Although we are petrol heads in an automotive and motorsport industry, let us in on your world and we will prove ourselves worthy of your business; our ambition is to always grow and go places we have never gone before...Our learning will never stop - thats a commitment!


We believe in quality services without ripping you off and we believe our quality service will result in long term partnerships. Thats why we are fully competitive and structure deals accordingly as we believe you are individualistic and so should your social content servicing be.


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